Frequent Asked Questions about WallpaperNest

What is a Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is just an image, also known as desktop background or home screen picture. Wallpapers are mostly used as a decoration for the desktop background of computer, laptop or mobile phone home screen. The same image can serve as wallpaper and screensaver but both are two different things. A wallpaper would appear on the desktop and in the background while you are using the computer but a screensaver would show up after your computer times out or gets locked. In other words, the screen saver executes when your computer goes idle. The idle time before the screen saver runs is set by the user.

What is WallpaperNest all about?

WallPaperNest is an organized collection of wallpapers. We have the latest wallpapers and beautiful images for desktop background, tablet and mobile phone home-screen. WallpaperNest offers unlimited high-definition images for you to use as wallpapers for your gadgets. These images allow a user to customize and personalize their devices. Get your hands on the latest HD wallpapers and 4K Images. We have collected the finest 4K wallpapers with ultra HD images for your mobile, iPhone and desktop background.

Is WallpaperNest content organized and how?

The wallpapers and images on wallpapernest have been categorized under topics for your convenience. You can locate all our categories in the menu. These topics are actually categories as you might know them. In this technically evolving world, the gadgets continue to upgrade in terms of screen size and pixel resolution. We are trying our best to keep up with the advancement.

Finding your favorite wallpapers?

Our search bar is your friend and so we have kept it simple. Type in your desired search terms and it will list the matched results found. You can also browse our categories and tags.

How to download wallpapers?

We have kept the downloading process pretty simple. Once you have found and decided which wallpaper you want to download, just right-click on the image and do “Save image as”, select the folder you want to save it to and save. We have not embedded the direct download button yet to avoid stress on the server. For the time being, we are going with the traditional method to save images.

How do I change the wallpaper on my device?

This totally varies from device to gadget.

> For Windows 10 wallpaper : Windows support page
> Change your iPhone wallpaper : Official Apple support help page > how to change the wallpaper on iPhone.
> Changing Android Phone wallpaper : Check Android version first as it is different for each version.
> Running Android 7.1 and up : Android support page.

What can I use the wallpapers for?

These images are strictly for personal use only. Personal use means that they are not to be used for any commercial purposes where you may charge money, collect fees, or receive any kind of payment. The wallpapers cannot be used to generate revenue.

How to contact you?

If you have any queries, suggestions or any kind of feedback please use our contact form to reach us.

If you have landed on this page then it’s for sure that you like to frequently keep changing your desktop wallpapers and so am I. Indeed, you are at the right place. Do let us know about any improvement and grievances, we will certainly work on it.